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Can I have a responsive design on Cornerstone platform?

Yes, Cornerstone is the engine that provides the information behind your website. How it looks relies on the theme you are using. We partner with several companies capable of building responsive themes, as well as state of the art website following the latest web trends.

Why pay for Cornerstone when you can use a free open-source CMS like Wordpress?

Although the code of an open-source solution is free, hosting, maintaining and getting support comes with a cost. When using a website built with Cornerstone, we host your website, we constantly update your system and if you have any troubles with your website you have a number you can call and experts available.

Today, it is not enough to install a CMS without a plan to keep it up to date. Security leaks on systems like Wordpress are regularly coming to light, especially through its plugin systems. The breaches are often closed very quickly, but your website won't benefit from it until you perform the update. Updating your website comes with certain risks, plugin and theme compatibility might break in the process, resulting in faulty functionalities, or down-time. Websites that are not kept up to date can be the targeted by and automated hacking attempts. Robots try a known breach on websites by the millions. So even a fairly small a little known website can be found.

The bottom line is that open-source solution do a great job, but they require in-house capacities, both in time, and technical skills. Or alternatively, a service oriented business that will provide the monitoring, the upgrate and the support necessary. In which case, you find yourself paying for a similar service than the Cornerstone Website service.

If I migrate my fundraising to Cornerstone, will my user need to sign a new AvtaleGiro deal?

If you can provide us with information about the giver, the amount to withdraw, the interval, the existing KID and the date of the last withdrawal, we can import it in Cornerstone and resume the AvtaleGiro agreements without any interventions from your supporters.

What additional costs are to be expected apart from the startup fee, and the monthly fee?

Our startup cost includes the migration of data, and an initial training on the platform. Our monthly deal includes customer service, as well as system hosting, backup and maintenance.

Additional costs can occure when using our partner's services or when meeting spesial needs:

  • Sending of SMS
  • Sending of emails (free for up to 12'000 emails per month)
  • Development of a new theme for a website
  • Additional training
  • Consulting services

Is my data less secured when moved onto the cloud?  

This is a complex question, the short answer is most certainly your data is safer on our cloud solution than on your personal computer.

The first element to consider when moving to the cloud is trust in the service provider. Kommunion, the company behind Cornerstone, has been a web service provider since 2000. We always have a personal contact with our clients, and you are welcome to come and visit us in one of our offices. We take security very seriously, and provide state of the art security and privacy control mechanisms. Our infrastructure is in compliance with US and EU's requirements regarding online storage of sensitive data, safe harbour. If you are dealing with very sensitive data, you can require the use our two-factor authentication mechanism for your users.

If you fail with any of the following points, your data will definitely gain in security and reliability when hosted by on our platform:

  • You computer has an up to date operating system, and anti-virus software
  • You have a strong personal password
  • You backup your data at an interval such that a total crash at any time would not affect your organization
  • You have at least two backups, of which one in an other physical location (risk of theft, fire, water dammage,...)
  • You sit behind a solide and up to date router
  • Your data is encrypted, so that a virus or an angry collaborator cannot simply run away with all of it

How do I pay for Cornerstone?

The maintenance fee is paid with the startup fee for the expenses until the end of the year. Thereafter, Cornerstone is invoiced yearly in January. We accept bank wiring, and payment through PayPal.

Can I export all my data if I want to stop using Cornerstone?

The following tools will let you extract your data from Cornerstone without any added cost:

  • People and Members can be exported as an Excel sheet, or a CSV file
  • Articles can be reimported into a new system using the RSS feed
  • Form results using excel sheet
  • Invoices and payment can be synced with one of the accounting platform we support

If you need to export additional objects out of the system, it is possible. Our development team is available to extract information from our database. Contact us for a quote. Such service is invoiced hour based or following a fixed price contract.

What can I import into Cornerstone?

The startup cost includes the migration of your data. In addition to our services to import your data, you have the following tools available:

  • Import of People and Members from an Excel file. Cornerstone's import assistant will help you match fields, and handle duplicates
  • You can import an XML feed from Wordpress, including the titles, tags, abstract, body and related media
  • The Newsfeed module reads RSS feeds
  • The subscription module allows for daily sync with an iCal calendar, such as Google calendar

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